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Doing Business with FRTIB

  • FRTIB's Contract Procurement and Acquisition Process

    Welcome to FRTIB. Thanks for your interest in doing business with us. FRTIB purchases products and services through Contracts and Agreements with private-sector entities and other Federal Agencies.

    FRTIB Acquisitions

    FRTIB is a self-funded federal agency with independent budgetary authority that receives no annual appropriations from Congress. Due to our unique status, FRTIB is not strictly bound to adhere to the Federal Acquisition Regulation (FAR). While subject to many of the same procurement laws as other government agencies, FRTIB also works under the mandate of its enabling statute, the Federal Employees’ Retirement System Act (FERSA), which requires that FRTIB fiduciaries manage Thrift Savings Fund (TSF) assets in the sole interest of the TSF participants and beneficiaries, and expend funds for the exclusive purpose of providing benefits to participants and beneficiaries and defraying reasonable expenses of administering the TSP. To that end, FRTIB procurements will largely adhere to the FAR, unless doing so might infringe upon the Agency’s fiduciary obligations under FERSA. FRTIB has adopted the FAR as its primary contracting policy and procedures for procuring its goods and services.

    FRTIB designed the Thrift Federal Acquisition Supplement (T-FAS) as a supplement to the FAR, which specifies when the Agency’s policies and practices deviate from the FAR. See link to T-FAS below. The T-FAS provides an efficient blend of the FAR and federal procurement law while allowing the Agency to be more flexible to accomplish its mission under FERSA.

    How to be Considered for Contracts with FRTIB

    To be included for consideration on solicitation for contracts in your business area, you should register in the following places:

    • System for Award Management
      This is the primary database for vendors who wish to do business (or are currently doing business) with the federal government. FRTIB awards contracts to entities registered in SAM in accordance with the FAR. The SAM website ( gives detailed instructions and helps answer your questions.
    • Government wide Point of Entry (GPE)
      Most federal government solicitations that must be publicized are posted on Federal Business Opportunities (also called FedBizOpps) Federal government solicitations may also be posted on or

    FRTIB Procurement Opportunities