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Essentials for Onboarding at FRTIB

New hires, welcome to the FRTIB

Your first days (and weeks) will be full of activities to in-process and onboard you into the agency. You will be required to complete several actions and forms designed to ensure your successful transition.

We have created an onboarding checklist to assist you in the onboarding process. Using the checklist and accessing the helpful websites in this document will guide you through the entire onboarding process. Please reach out to your HR point of contact with any questions.

How to Use the Onboarding Checklist

This document serves as a list of tasks for the agency and you to complete, with corresponding timelines. While many of the listed items are transactional (i.e., completing a form), most items involve having important discussions with your supervisor in order to prepare you with the foundational knowledge of the FRTIB’s mission and organization. Use this document in partnership with your supervisor and HR to ensure you receive all of the necessary and beneficial tools and information.

Please visit the section below for information on New Employee Orientation.