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Federal Employees Training

Pre-Onboarding Training

Prior to your report date you will need to complete required training in order to be granted access to the FRTIB’s network and systems, and to be issued IT equipment. Please visit the following websites to complete the required training 14 days prior to your report date. If you do not return the proofs of completion before you report your IT access will be delayed. Follow the instructions in your welcome email from Human Resources for where to return each proof of completion.

Only the following types of signatures will be accepted:

  • Digital signature using the certificate from a PIV card
  • Signature using a stylus or finger on a touch screen
  • Wet signature that is scanned in

The following types of signatures will not be accepted:

  • Typing a signature (i.e. In Adobe using the signature tool and typing the name that appears as a cursive font)
  • Digital signature that is not tied to the federal certificate authority

Please visit the other sections of the FRTIB Onboarding page for information to support a successful onboarding experience to include forms completion and information that is pertinent for New Employee Orientation.