Federal Retirement Thrift Investment Board: Thrift Savings Plan (TSP)
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Thrift Savings Plan Service Representatives

If you need to discuss an issue regarding your TSP account, please call the TSP ThriftLine.

ThriftLine — 1-TSP-YOU-FRST
Automated Response System for TSP Account Holders

Available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week

From a touch-tone telephone, you can find out the latest information about the TSP (such as share prices and rates of return), as well as information about your TSP account.  You can also request certain account transactions.   You will need your TSP account number and your 4-digit TSP Personal Identification Number (PIN).

Talk to a Participant Service Rep

Available Monday-Friday   7:00 a.m. to 9:00 p.m., Eastern time.

Press 3 to speak to a Participant Service Representative (PSR) when calling the ThriftLine.  PSRs handle questions about loans, contribution allocations, interfund transfers, designations of beneficiaries, and withdrawals.

To ensure proper handling, forms, written requests, inquiries, and other correspondence from TSP participants and beneficiaries should continue to be mailed to:

TSP Service Office
P.O. Box 385021
Birmingham, AL 35238. 

These inquiries may also be faxed to the TSP Service Office at (866) 817-5023.

Contact the FRTIB through the additional options available for TSP participants.

Federal Retirement Thrift Investment Board

To contact an employee of the FRTIB, you may call 202-942-1600.

For inquiries from other Executive Branch Agencies, the Legislative Branch, or the Uniformed Services, you may write directly to the FRTIB at the following address:

Federal Retirement Thrift Investment Board
77 K Street, N.E.  
Suite 1000
Washington, D.C. 20002

Please be aware that the FRTIB will forward any forms, written requests, inquiries, or correspondence it receives from TSP participants or beneficiaries to the TSP Service Office.

A smiling, helpful service representative is ready to answer your questions.

From the 50 States, including the District of Columbia, the Virgin Islands, Puerto Rico, Guam, American Samoa, and Canada, call the following numbers toll free:

  • Telephone:1-TSP-YOU-FRST (1-877-968-3778)
  • TDD: 1-TSP-THRIFT5 (1-877-847-4385) (for hearing-impaired participants)

International callers who cannot use the toll-free number should call (404) 233-4400 (not toll free).

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